Just Another Relaxing Day

Just Another Relaxing Day

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tables are Open

It's the weekend. The most perplexing two questions become, "Where and what will we eat?" Living in a small town makes the choices all that more difficult. There are some good restaurants, but there are few that really specialize in anything unique. However, I can always count on my top ten favorites when all else fails. Sometimes this requires a trip across the bridge into Philly.

1. The Franklinville Inn
2. The Centerton Inn
3. Bruno's Restaurant and Pizzeria
4. Dante and Luigi - my all time personal favorite in Philly
5. The Barnsboro Inn
6. Scotland Run Country Club
7. Don's Bagels
8. The Hollywood Diner
9. The Library
10. The Maplewood

Just the mere mention of Dante and Luigi's makes my mouth water. I envision the tiny side street in Philly that is home to a plethora of Italian delicacies that I have been enjoying since my college days. Set back among row homes in the South Philly section of Philadelphia this neighborhood gem never disappoints. We park in what seems like the warehouse section and walk up the side street to the restaurant's entrance. There are usually a few valets hanging out waiting to park the occasional car that pulls up. Once inside we are transported to the smells and sounds of Italy. The old bar room on the right reminds me of many Italian kitchens I have seen growing up. However, my favorite room is on the left. With fewer than twenty tables, this room is like eating in your grandma's kitchen.

The menu is always impressive. However, I have to stick with my standards. The roasted peppers, Italian cheeses and anchovies could be a meal within itself. The fresh bread and olive oil compliment the dish and often make me wonder why I order a diner. But, my linguine and clams arrives and then I remember why. What a perfect meal. This place never disappoints. And, while they do not take charge cards, you can always write a personal check.

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