Just Another Relaxing Day

Just Another Relaxing Day

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Two Crazy Cats

I swore when we moved into our new home that I would never have another pet that required air to sustain life. This pretty much rules out everything except maybe your occasional pet rock. My daughter was only two when we first began construction on our new home. A "Fur Real" cat more than satisfied her need for an animal companion and mine for not having to clean out a liter box on a daily basis.

However, as children age they become wiser. No longer does the cat who only moves when you touch him equate to a real animal who can walk on all fours. Even those meow sounds are sounding a lot less real. My daughter wanted a real live cat. So, we began the search for our perfect companion. The SPCA was full of kittens, but none ever possessed the right mixture of qualities for me to fall in love at first sight.

It wasn't until weeks of searching that we happened upon Flounder. He is now our lovable lump who has been with us for almost four years. He has endured a lot as my daughter has cleverly taught him to use the toilet for a house, the suitcase for a means of travel and the banister as a quick elevator for getting downstairs.

As with all things. we decided that Flounder needed a house mate to keep him company. Our search began again for his long lost twin. Within a few months, my new home, that was sworn to never have a pet that required air to sustain life, was now the happy home to our second cat, Scampi.

Children are just too darn cute!

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Alicia (aka Dr. Mom) said...

WOW! Man, ive missed a lot of news. first, this blog is up and runnin'like gang busters (what the???.... last time I saw it you just had a title, girl!!) now, a new CAT???? where have i been, under a rock???? ok, let me keep reading before so i can keep up with your life here. BTW, i subscribed so i am always the 'first to know'... your fan, lost in deerwood wit' ya... Dr. A